The Self Vows 


Seven Vows That Will Change your life


4 Day Retreat



The Self Vows Retreat is the only one of its kind. If you want to spend a luxurious 4 days and 3 nights or maybe just a two day break, it will not fail to be the most transformational experience of your life.

For our 4 day & 3 night's retreat we will provide you with an luxury top notch experience. You will be treated like absolute royalty. Three nights of pampering, deep self-reflection, emotional healing, connection to intimacy with self, self- work activities/ exercises, bonding with your sister and an amazing  ceremony. You will also get the opportunity to spend personal time with Dr. Michelle as she provides solutions to challenges that have plagued you personally and professionally.


Past retreatants have expressed that the experience they had in the 1 on 1 session changed their entire perspective about their present, past and future. The Self Vows retreat is all inclusive so once you pay the fee, you just show up and allow us to take it from there. You don't even need PJ's, we will handle it. While there are many surprises and gifts, the greatest gift is the authentic you.

If you are looking to just take a break, deeply self reflect, work with your own personal coach, rejuvenate, restore, and create a 30 day plan that will solve at least one area of stress in your life and will open the doors to a much needed transformation-this is the option for you. For 2 days you will disconnect to reconnect. Enjoy some self pampering, sisterhood and the opportunity to clear your head & heart.​

If you are ready to divorce the fake you and marry the authentic you-choose The Self Vows retreat today!






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