The Self Vows 


Seven Vows That Will Change your life


3 Day Retreat


The Self Vows Retreat is the only one of its kind. It's 3 days and 2 nights of pampering, deep self-reflection, emotional healing, connection to intimacy with self, activities, exercises, bonding with an intimate group of ladies and an amazing ceremony that is personalized to you. It's all inclusive so once you pay the fee, you just show up and allow us to take it from there. You don't even need PJ's, we will handle it. While there are many surprises and gifts the greatest gift is the authentic you.

If you are ready to divorce the fake you that has been dishonest, fearful, the image others want you to be or non-acceptant of the real you. You are ready to marry the authentic you. Dont you want to show up in the world as the realm you?

Self Vows is about your commitment to self. These seven vows will change your entire life.n This is one commitment that you can not afford not to take. If you're asking yourself why should you trust me, well I was where you are at one point in my life. After feeling as if I was at the bottom of an abyss, freedom nowhere in site and felt that my peace was being held hostage by my own fear- I took the vows. It was a process but I'm free and I'm intentional about living authentically every day. 

We keep our retreats intimate so you don't have to feel overwhelmed by a lot of people. You truly receive personalized attention for whatever challenges your having or perhaps you just need guidance to level up -we are here for you every step of the way!

So what are you waiting for? There will always be an excuse not to choose you, invest in you or make yourself a priority. Sometimes you just have to lien in and leap.

Click the link below to get started with the process of taking The Self Vows-The seven vows that will change your life.




1 Day Retreat Workshop


Do you need to just get away for a day to disconnect from the stress, technology, the title of superwoman, the kids, the corner and all the other distraction that we allow to prevent us from checking in with self? What about finally investing in self? after all, if your not healthy and balanced no one that depends on you or that is in relationship with you will receive the best version of you. You deserve YOU


Our workshop is very interactive and gives you a glimpse into what to expect in our 3-4 day retreat if you decide to attend. It's just enough to rejuvenate and restore you. Most of our attendees express that it causes you to start reflecting on some deeper topics and challenges you to have the tough conversations. Your food is included (lunch and dinner), all the snacks and goodies you could ask for and of course some surprises to take home with you.

The only challenge that our past attendees have expressed is that they didn't want to leave. If you need to start the process of The Self Vows, it's a perfect introduction.

Click the link below to get started with the process of taking The Self Vows-The seven vows that will change your life.





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