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Who’s staring back at you?

The Daily Authenticity Checklist

Use these question on a daily basis to ensure you are living an authentic life. Think of them

as diagnostic questions to ensure you are divorcing what is fake and committed to marrying what is authentic every single day. 


  1. Did I do anything yesterday that was not authentic? If so, why?

  2. What actions will I take today to show my authentic self?

  3. What opportunities for authenticity will I encounter today?

  4. What situations will I encounter that will tempt me to be fake? How will I handle those situations? 

  5. What are my passions? How will I follow those passions today?

  6. What barriers do I need to breakdown to build my self-esteem today?

  7. How will I break through my fear today? How will I love myself today?

  8. How will I break up from the fake self that causes me to compare myself to others?

  9. What do I need to affirm about myself today?

  10. What good things will happen if I live authentically today?

Every morning, take 5-10 minutes to review and reflect upon these questions. 


You can take a mental inventory, or spend a few minutes journaling your answers. You will be amazed at the clarity it provides you and the beautiful authenticity it brings into your life. 

How To Divorce the Fake you and Marry the Authentic you through The Self Vows Program

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